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Kid Smart GPS Watch GW001Y

Kid Smart GPS Watch GW001Y
49.90 €
Συμπεριλαμβάνεται Φ.Π.Α. 20%
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Κωδικός: 30120

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Children clock GSM / GPS  GW001Y

CPU: MTK6261
Screen Size: 2.44 cm
GPS + AGPS + LBS + WiFi positioning
Lithium-Ion Battery
Micro USB interface
SIM card slot (GPRS)
OS: Android, iOS
Built-in GPS module
battery: 400mAh
Material: ABS + silicone
Dimensions: 31x52x12.5mm

The watches have a built-in slot for a SIM card, GPS receiver, microphone, speaker and sensor touch.
The screen is protected from scratches. There are rubberized and secure strap and casing.
The clock and the phone of the parent are in constant contact.
Any change in the parameters movement condition is transmitted to the phone of a parent.
He saved the actions of your child and the loss of connection to the server and then restore it, updated all information.
Smart clock is controlled via a mobile application that is installed by scanning phone QR code of instructions (for this you have to install QR reader).
With built-in GPS receiver, the parent receives information about the whereabouts of the child at any time.
You can specify security zones charter or allowable perimeter of movement in leaving that triggers an alarm.
In the phone book, can be added up to 10 numbers with which to make contact.
In the mobile application can add up to three numbers that meet pressing an SOS button on the clock.
After pressing, the clock begins to dial those three numbers until a connection.
By microphone and speaker Your child can place calls and record voice messages to send to you and to receive your text.
Built-in clock touch sensor triggers an alarm that notifies you immediately if the child is brought down clock or it is lost.
You receive a notification when battery power the clock reaches 20%.
The built-in accelerometer measured steps and activity of your child all day and displays them in mobile application.
The display shows the date and time, all new messages, incoming calls and rewards - in the form of hearts that you send your child.
In the event that your child has left the watch somewhere and find it, you can use the "Find Me" mobile application, it will alarm for easier detection. And if you want to control your child carefully, you can activate the auditory continuous access, so you can listen constantly what is happening around him.
For greater certainty, after activation manually clock can not be turned off, this can be done remotely through your phone

Τιμή Μονάδος: 49.90 €
Κατασκευαστής: OEM
Βάρος: 0.300 kg
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