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ELANVISION EV 8000 SAT DVB-S Δορυφορικος Δεκτης Linux

ELANVISION EV 8000 SAT DVB-S Δορυφορικος Δεκτης Linux
39.00 €
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Βάρος: 4.000 kg
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Linux operating system functional with each LINUX software!
Network map 100Mbit (Networking with TCP/IP, Samba server supported) front USB 1.1
host interface (recognize USB sticks, digital cameras, external USB non removable disks,
etc.) IBM power PC ("STB04500/Pallas") of 2 programs/from non removable disk
at the same time show One Touch Recording with assumption of the time SHIFT
of memory PIP (picture in picture function)
take up 1 EPG Recording EPG reservation EPG Caching EPG text search,
full text search (optional) renaming photographs into all OSD languages (optional)
Subchannel support for non removable disks 300 GB HDD and mehrEasy installation
with selection of pre-programming list PC user software
(channel list editor, Multimedia, S/W update) Picture Viewer,
Slide show Music Player API (Plugin) interface (optional) Autobookmark (optional)
simple providing favorite lists in the live enterprise
twin tuner (with Loopthrough) 2 CI + 1 Conax card reader (optional)
alpha numeric VFD display Truecolor OSD (16.7 million colors) real-time
clock (real-time Clock) AC3 Dolby digitally exit DISEQ 1.2/USALS compatible
adjustable AV exit (also RGB+YUV) type character box and pan Scan function Teletext
Loopthrough + generator digital sub-title support Satco DX data import Games.
"data sheet indicates"

Τιμή Μονάδος: 39.00 €
Κατασκευαστής: ANTTRON
Βάρος: 4.000 kg
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